cogomelo is more than a lint roller. it’s the future of environmentally- conscious products.

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This is your opportunity to have an influence and help reduce plastic waste.

it’s time to grow.

traditionally, the products available to us have only been evaluated based on their performance and cost. that’s it! it’s time we do things differently—and consider our impact on the environment.

at cogomelo, we look at the total life cycle of the product – where it’s manufactured, with what materials, how it performs, and where it’s disposed of – as well as the cost. why? we know that we can create sustainable solutions that reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction, solutions that aren’t cost prohibitive.

cogomelo was born out of the realization that our world is in dire need of products that are constructed from renewable resources and do not end up polluting our planet. as an eco-minded consumer, it is frustrating to have to purchase single-use plastics because there are few, if any, alternatives on the market, and when there are alternatives, they come at a premium price!

that’s why we founded cogomelo with the intent to create truly sustainable products. by adhering to a strict criteria with our manufacturing process we are able to manufacture products that are affordable. if we’re going to change how products are manufactured, let’s be real here, it’s going to require that a lot of us change our purchasing habits, and when cost isn’t a factor, it becomes a whole lot easier.

cogomelo is more than a lint roller. it’s the future of environmentally-conscious products, and we’re not stopping there!

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